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Pycnonotus sinensis

Physical specimen identifier: 96427

creator: 20.5000.1025/alex

Institution code (GRSciColl): KU

creationdatetime: 2020-05-05T11:39:40.418Z

id: 20.5000.1025/f22fec45-7b47-11e4-8ef3-782bcb9cd5b5

midslevel: 2

CETAF stable identifier (uri): http://portal.vertnet.org/o/ku/birds?id=96427

Locality: Shiwandashan National Nature Preserve

Country: China

Scientific name: Pycnonotus sinensis

Collection code (GRSciColl): Birds

Collection date: 2005-04-20

Coordinates (decimal lat/lon): [21.84, 107.88]

Comments (max 4000 characters): (For CETAF SI, VertNet uri used as couldn't find KUBI uri for this specimen. update 1st june replaced http://portal.vertnet.org/o/ku/birds?id=96427 with the uri that uses the occurrenceId guid instead of catalog number. But then changed it back again becuase the guid doesn't point to same bird!); secondary forest; parasite # 901

GBIF occurrence identifier (gbifId): https://www.gbif.org/occurrence/686311246

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-vented_bulbul

Common name: Light vented Bulbul

Catalogue of Life: http://www.catalogueoflife.org/col/details/species/id/13be2763a31f1e2f8237682ef7b04852

Catalog number: 96427

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